Why join en world Australia

We bring the best people together. Are you one of them?

In brief, we are:

Experienced, flexible, consultative, ego-free, connected, specialised, internationally owned, partnering with some pretty amazing companies,.... and can offer you a great place to ply your craft.

Experience a mature, flexible working environment

We're a well-established business with fantastic and easily accessible offices in Sydney and Parramatta.  Our team members get to work from both offices and from home, depending on the location and requirements of their customers.  We do expect to see you as it promotes relationships, the sharing of information and celebration!  You have our full trust and support from day one and in-turn we expect you to view your time as an investment. 

As the recruitment industry evolves at an unprecedented rate and the exciting complexity of global candidate sourcing and client management continues, the concept of 'core business hours' is rapidly becoming obsolete.  We don't expect you to be contactable 24/7 but we will provide you with the ability to be connected, any-time, any-where, in order for you to reach your goals.  Our systems are completely mobile and supported by our parent company in Japan.

Technology is playing a larger role in our industry with every passing month. Our approach is to embrace these changes and remain focused on the bridging the gap between automated processes and mutually rewarding recruitment outcomes - leading to Enabling Success.  To achieve this our team of experienced Consultants believe in providing a high-touch, consultative service.  We're accessible, human, pragmatic and consider communication to be the key. 

What we do

Established in 1989 (as Calibrate Recruitment, acquired by en world in 2012), we have a long and recognised history for providing recruitment services, career advice and business growth solutions across Australia.  Our pillars of expertise are as follows:

  • Accounting, Finance & Corporate Services
  • Engineering, Manufacturing & Construction
  • Executive
  • Technology & Digital
  • Sales & Marketing, and;
  • Supply Chain, Procurement & Logistics

We're part of something bigger

en world Australia is part of the en world Group, employing over 800 people across APAC with offices in Australia, India, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.  The Group leadership team is committed to a common vision to become "The Most Respected Recruitment Partner in the Asia-Pacific Region".  Across all offices, we are growing.  With demonstrated performance, international transfers are extremely possible (subject to the various governments changing sponsorship legislation!) and we've got some genuine examples to share.

At a desk-level being part of something bigger can open some interesting doors.  Across APAC, in 2017, we made succesful placements with 93% of Interbrand's Best [100] Global Brands.

Your Professional Development

Across APAC, en world succeeds on the strength of teamwork, solid business results and absolute customer satisfaction. To achieve these, we support our employees with tailored training and development initiatives.  We're bigger on kinesthetic learning in our Australian office than classroom based training sessions, yet we can access a full suite of development modules for video or e-based learning through our head office in Japan (in English, naturally).

Reap the fruits of your labour

We celebrate success and incentivise goal achievement.  Our Consultants experience highly competitive and uncapped earning potential. 

More broadly, you'll also get to enjoy celebrations as a team when we recognise performance milestones, notable events and the usual annual outings.  Birthday cake always deserves a mention too!

Joining en world Australia

Our mutual selection process:

We truly recognise that this is a two-way street.   Our work environment is pretty flexible but there's still a good chance that you're going to be spending more time in the office and with your colleagues than with your family or friends.  With time and sustained results, we believe that you can achieve unrivalled balance in our business - but you have to get there first and this can take some time, which is why we consider it important to put each other through the following.......  

Step 1: Get in touch

Let's have a discussion to understand your aspirations and experience and tell you more about our people and business.  You can either call us on +61 2 9431 6500 or send us a note at australia@enworld.com with a contact number and we'll be delighted to answer any initial questions you may have.

Step 2: Forward a copy of your resume

If there's common ground and appetite to proceed we'd like to see a copy of your resume please.  This will provide us with a more comprehensive overview of your background and achievements and, in conjucntion with our previous discussion, will allow us to determine the most suitable role/s for you.

Step 3: A more structured conversation 

After reviewing your resume in detail, and assuming continued interest from both parties, we will set up an initial interview with you.  Depending on your location and availability, this could be phone-based, a video-call or face-to-face.  This meeting is typically a get-to-know each other discussion and provides an opportunity to understand your work style, preferences and goals.  This is also your first real opportunity to get an insight into how we operate, our culture and personal/professional beliefs.  There needs to be clear alignment for this to be successful. 

Step 4: A proper interview 

This could be with the same person you've met with previously, another Manager in the business, our Country Manager, or we might just tag-team it!  We'll get into specifics based on your level of experience.  From here we should have all garnered whether we all get along and how you're going to approach your role and achieve success.  Just as we'll have a few probing questions for you, we expect the same in return!

Step 5: Follow up discussion/meeting

There's a good possibility that you may have forgotten to share a relevant anecdote or we need to follow up on a specific part/s of our previous discussions.  Equally, we may want to thrash out the foundations of a business plan with you, or have you meet with another Manager or some of your future colleagues.  It will really depend on individual circumstances - we prefer our hiring processes to be flexible, serve a purpose and be meaningful rather than follow a one-size-fits-all prescription.

Step 6: Reference checks and offer

It's important that we speak with at least a couple of people who can verify the superstar qualities that you've demonstrated throughout the selection process.  Following this, we'll move to making a formal offer.  Start date will be based upon your availability, business pressure points and time of year.  Without making any assumptions, we look forward to welcoming you to the team!!