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Data Science Sydney & en world Australia Event: Tuesday 25th September 2018 at 5.30PM. Dont forget to RSVP!


Posted by Greg Perl

about 3 years ago

Data Science Sydney proudly presents our speakers for September 2018:



200 seats available, first come - first served for members on the RSVP-yes list. Please ensure that you keep your RSVP up to date and make you spot available for others as soon as possible.

To comply with CBA Security we need your FIRST and LAST NAME before the event. If these are not your profile name, please enter them when you register. Members who do not provide first and last name will be removed from the guest list and will not be able to attend.

Registration opens at 5:30pm and close at 6:15pm, sharp. Food and beverages between 6pm and 6:15pm and late comers cannot be admitted. Please click HERE to register. 


About the Talk: Abyss Solutions is a rapidly accelerating technology startup that leverages field robotics, machine learning and data analytics for condition assessment of critical infrastructure. Focused towards services for underwater assets, they build custom data gathering robots, have a team to run data gathering operations in challenging environments, and are continuously developing algorithms to harvest and summarise key information from the torrent of data that comes in.

The talk presents an overview of the technology that drives the company and gives it a competitive edge in today's market. This includes the use of drones for high fidelity multi-modal data gathering, computer vision data collection methods, ML techniques for efficiently filtering through millions of images, how and when to keep up with the latest and greatest in deep learning and key considerations when designing evaluation metrics to assess performance.

Various real-world case studies are discussed with an emphasis on lessons learned while developing commercially viable data focused technology.

About the Speaker: Suchet Bargoti has a background in field robotics, with a particular interest in enabling machines to perceive the world around and make autonomous data-driven decisions. Suchet’s background is in integrating machine learning and computer vision for robotics, developed through a PhD at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR). His research has impacted many applications, such as agricultural robotics, urban automation, underwater mapping and space exploration. At Abyss Solutions he leads the technical vision of the rapidly growing business in automating condition assessments of underwater assets.


About the Talk: Proteins seldom act alone, they bind together to form protein complexes that act as molecular machines. Protein Correlation Profiling (PCP) is a method which enables many protein complexes to be identified in single experiments. Although resulting information can identify intact complexes, doing so is computationally challenging. For example, machine learning strategies using correlation metrics (e.g. Pearsons correlation) from PCP datasets as features, can have high false positive rates for novel complexes.

The aim of this study was to develop a framework for benchmarking PCP datasets against high-quality sets of reference protein complexes. This approach enabled us to evaluate the quality of PCP datasets, identify known protein complexes with high confidence, establish baseline identification performances, and develop guidelines on the choice of correlation metrics (16 metrics tested) and fractionation approaches used to interpret and collect PCP datasets.

About the Speaker: Igy Pang is a postdoctoral research associate at the Systems Biology Initiative (UNSW), under the supervision of Prof. Marc Wilkins. His research focus is on use of integrative data analysis, including large-scale biological ‘-omics’ data with intracellular networks, to understand how cellular functions are regulated.

For more information about this event please contact: 

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Senior Consultant - Data Science & Analytics 
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