Enabling Success

Our commitment to enabling success

At en world, our job does not end at the moment a person is hired. Instead we look ahead. We believe that the true value of our service lies in our support of long-term employment relationships that truly benefit both job-seekers and the companies that hire them.

We provide services that help find the best person for any given job and monitor the progress of each employee, providing valuable feedback. Our final aim is to improve the business performance of organisations and enrich the working lives of their employees. 

More necessary now than ever

Work styles, conditions and expectations are changing throughout the world and there is an ongoing debate focusing on quantitative measures of employment.  Meanwhile, what is being done about the quality of employment?

We believe that improving the productivity and engagement of workers and managers in existing employment structures will be critical in enabling companies and their employees to thrive now and in the future. The concept of “Enabling Success” is more relevant now than ever.

With services that are committed to post-employment effectiveness, we look forward to working together with companies and candidates alike, creating more dynamic and rewarding working relationships and enabling success for all.

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Closed for business as of February 2020.

en world Japan Australia Office has closed for business as of February 2020. 

We would like to express our deep gratitude to our long-standing clients. 

For future inquiries, please visit:



We look forward to your continued business at en world Japan.